About us

PRO CREATIVE is a state of the art medical center in Kraków

Our center provides diagnostics, preventive care and treatment in the areas of gynaecology and obstetrics. Some of our Patients are couples trying to have a baby, therefore we also diagnose and treat infertility. For those already expecting a baby, we provide prenatal care from the very beginning of pregnancy. Our individual prenatal education classes provide a comprehensive programme preparing for childbirth, breastfeeding and postnatal care and the delivery itself can happen in the presence of your leading gynaecologist.

Our team consists of the following specialists: gynaecologists – obstetricians, an endocrinologist, an andrologist, a general practitioner, a radiodiagnostician, a team of qualified midwifes and a biotechnician.

We provide a comprehensive range of ultrasonographic scans (USG) performed on highly specialised ultrasonographic instruments working in the 3D/4D system.

Our center also provides all necessary laboratory tests: vaginal smears, full range of microbiological smears, advanced seminal analysis, blood and urine tests, as well as genetic testing for e.g. the HPV virus, helpful in the diagnosis of ectocervical cancer, and other tests, such as testing for mutations in the BRCA1 gene, helpful in breast and ovarian cancer preventive care.

Over the years we have built a cohesive medical team, providing comprehensive health care. We are aware that a gynaecological appointment, especially the first one, can be extremely stressful. We also know that shyness and fear often prevent patients from undergoing the necessary tests, following preventive care or even seeking advice. Bearing in mind female sensitivity and the specific nature of our profession, we try to make your visits to our offices as stress-free as possible. Your comfort is also important to us, therefore we have created modern interiors, two reception desks, two separate offices with ultrasonography rooms with and two separate modern bathrooms (for photos go to Photo Gallery). o ensure cleanliness only the highest quality cleaning supplies, mainly Eco Lab brand, are used in our centre and for your convenience we provide disposable underwear (aprons and slippers) to be used during tests and examinations.

We hope that our professionalism, integrity and patient-oriented approach help to correctly diagnose health problems and apply effective treatment and that the friendly, family atmosphere of our center as well as our politeness form positive relationships between our staff and patients. In our everyday practice we not only care about the Patients' health, but also about their personality, sensitivity and emotions.

Liliana Golańska
Bartłomiej Golański

Our main aim is to serve the life, well-being and health of a person.
Looking forward to seeing you in our center!

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